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Industrial Use of UAVs: How Drone Shots Can Save Time

Until recently, to do aerial videography, you needed to rent a helicopter, set up camera tool and spend 24 hours filming in the air. But this method is quite time-consuming, capital-intensive and stressful. In this day and age, drones are the game changer. Stakeholders in the entertainment industry, construction sector, tourism industry, etc. are taking advantage of the time-saving feature and other benefits of drone shots, in creating captivating and breath-taking videos and pictures.


How do drone shots save time? Traditional means of capturing aerial footage used in the past required a long time for preparing the site as well as every member of the team, to manage the entire procedure. However, with drone shots, the filming process can begin in around five minutes as these preparatory measures are not needed for a drone team because you normally require a drone operator, a much lesser number of people and a professional to work with the camera. 


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