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How Drone Shots Can Enhance a Film and TV Production

The use of drones — also known as unmanned aerial vehicles — in film and TV projects is rising significantly, replacing the more conventional as well as costly technologies. Apart from its affordability and more flexibility compared to traditional filming gadgets, aerial photography creates new avenues for novel and innovative techniques for filming.


One of the traditional instruments for filming is cranes. As they are costly, time-consuming and cumbersome to manipulate, drones offer greater flexibility concerning the type and accuracy of shots they can take.


UAVs are great for capturing sequence shots, which cover any part up to a whole TV or movie scene. Since drones are equipped to make nimble movements and move in all three axis, they are ideal for taking aerial sequence shots.


Apart from these, aerial photography is amazing for taking fly-through shots, dolly shots, orbital shots and bird’s-eye view shots. Drone Shots is the go-to place where you can hire drones for your film and television projects. Contact us today to give your production a stunning cinematic feel!

In addition to drone shots we offer full turnkey video production services. We have RED DRAGON cinema cameras, full 1 ton lighting packages, the latest in LED lights. Everything you need to make your video as awesome as it can be, we deliver that and more!